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The most popular free media player that can play any video format
Guest #44105313  — 5 months ago
excellent player
art0980  — 8 months ago
Good software.
Guest #35439913  — Last year
This is really great software, I use it all the time.
Guest #40020201  — Last year
I have used VLC Media Player for a very long time; it is an excellent player.
Alpha Elf  — 2 years ago
VLC is cute, I like it with modern UI theme, and it perfectly suits my needs.
Guest #27567151  — 2 years ago
Very simple and full of options.
bharath  — 2 years ago
It's working very nice, it's the best.
LittleBenjamin  — 2 years ago
Best media player for playing ANYTHING.
HI Chie Titanz  — 2 years ago
Thanks for all, I dont know how to use it. Can you teach me?
Manjeet singh  — 2 years ago
It is a very good player.
Tabasco  — 2 years ago
Best player out there. However it surprised me when I had problems with audio in MKV video. Guess need some tuning...
Mister69  — 2 years ago
Best media player available. Period
ART OLO  — 2 years ago
Reliable media player, open sourced, free and independant. Could recommend!
donv  — 3 years ago
Love my VLC Player, it's the only one that will play my mini DVD. I thought I had lost all my footage but VLC retrieved it all.
liliana trujillo  — 3 years ago
Guest #101976290  — 3 years ago
Occasionally buggy but overall, plenty of features make this one of the best downloads.
Guest #27775203  — 3 years ago
Great application to view video files of all kind.
Guest #23282791  — 5 years ago
Guest #22371597  — 5 years ago
I complete my download.......I always prefer every to use vlc media player beacause its mt\y favorite player for ever&I recommad u to use it.
Guest #23110743  — 5 years ago
h.foxtail  — 5 years ago
I use it every day
Guest #22700090  — 5 years ago
very fast player
DavePC000  — 5 years ago
Best player out there... for free!!!
Guest  — 5 years ago
It can play all format of videos...
Guest  — 5 years ago
George De Jesus  — 5 years ago
Excellent media player, very user friendly.
BuckDanny  — 5 years ago
It's amazin... such a 'little' program can do so 'much'!!! Unbelievable! It plays almost everything!
Rajkumar  — 5 years ago
Nice and Best Media Player...
Guest  — 5 years ago
Enjio  — 5 years ago
plays it all
Anita International  — 5 years ago
all-in-one music player
Guest  — 5 years ago
I like this
Guest  — 5 years ago
it's the best thing i have ever seen
cristiand90  — 5 years ago
media player home cinema is better
Guest  — 5 years ago
awesome player
sarojitbera  — 5 years ago
elektrofunkenstein  — 5 years ago
Fast and light.
Abruecalypse  — 5 years ago
Great and for free
Guest  — 5 years ago
It's great!
Shohom  — 5 years ago
Guest  — 5 years ago
it is awesome
Guest  — 5 years ago
good one..
Guest  — 5 years ago
thescream  — 5 years ago
Guest  — 6 years ago
I like this player very much
Guest  — 6 years ago
It is very easy, I can easily use it. All kind of video formats supported
vijay kumar  — 6 years ago
This player is good for all formats
tonnilarsen  — 6 years ago
It's a cool program
Gora  — 6 years ago
It is awesome..
Guest  — 6 years ago
It's the best media player
Fix  — 6 years ago
perfect for all media
huzef khan  — 6 years ago
best media player on the planet
Jayadev  — 6 years ago
Great player. Can play almost all formats available.
Sayan Roy  — 6 years ago
It is awesome
Erfan  — 6 years ago
It's wonderful! It's my Video player that plays everything.
Apostolos Zourtoumidis  — 6 years ago
Perfect media player... Maybe not beautiful but fully functional
Guest  — 6 years ago
It never stop to play any media file
dergiu  — 6 years ago
Guest  — 6 years ago
Guest  — 6 years ago
very good
vando  — 6 years ago
love it
Sandeep Onkar  — 6 years ago
Very Nice N Simple video player.....That supports almost ALL FILE TYPES!!!!!
j05e  — 6 years ago
Plays anything.
Guest  — 6 years ago
it's good
Guest  — 6 years ago
VLC is the best
Dadoken  — 6 years ago
Almost always works
Guest  — 6 years ago
Works fast and significant
Basu  — 6 years ago
My most favorite m player. I am a fan of it
Syed  — 6 years ago
One of the Best Players
Guest  — 6 years ago
It is a real video player, so that I like it
Guest  — 6 years ago
I am using this for a long time..... It's really cool!!
Guest  — 6 years ago
It's good
Guest  — 6 years ago
It is the best
joannes  — 6 years ago
Guest  — 6 years ago
Best player i have ever seen
Guest  — 6 years ago
i like it
Guest  — 6 years ago
Good one
LepusYu  — 6 years ago
may support other lang. that may be good
JoGary  — 6 years ago
no comment...is the best !!!
Guest #9807849  — 6 years ago
new version was unstable, i keep using old versions even if they can't read all
Guest  — 6 years ago
Its an outstanding media player
Guest  — 6 years ago
I think it is best
Sundaram  — 6 years ago
Good one
The_Mentalist  — 6 years ago
RamKumar  — 6 years ago
Guest  — 6 years ago
Because i like it
Guest  — 6 years ago
it plays almost all files
Guest #2618224  — 6 years ago
quick, light and free
MD. RUHUL AMIN  — 6 years ago
Best player
prathamesh  — 6 years ago
It is best and picture very clear
adatahp  — 6 years ago
Guest  — 6 years ago
The best, the best, and the best -- in that order.
NeRo0203  — 6 years ago
The best video player app of the World.
Guest  — 6 years ago
good features. Play broken incomplete files. Nice shortcuts
Hana  — 6 years ago
it's always high quality and the sound is really clear
Helar  — 7 years ago
Excellent internal codec support
Guest  — 7 years ago
Good Software, plays everything...
Guest  — 7 years ago
It is good
BlThunder  — 7 years ago
Great media player
lami  — 7 years ago
it's the best
Anand Swaroop  — 7 years ago
vlc is one of the best players which can play maximum of the media types
cler  — 7 years ago
bgnn  — 7 years ago
i love its features
Guest  — 7 years ago
it can play any kind of format
Guest  — 7 years ago
i like it
Rickrack17  — 7 years ago
Great media player lots of features, lite on code so it runs fast
David Lin  — 7 years ago
Rimal  — 7 years ago
Handles all formats (Audio and Video).. love it.. using for a long time....
Guest  — 6 years ago
Because it is very fast!!!!!!
bearbottoms  — 7 years ago
Plays everything without all the codec hassles. Free Open Source and da bomb.
Guest  — 6 years ago
Its awesome.......
engg.jewel  — 7 years ago
StanTrolav  — 7 years ago
Cool stuff
Robert M. Arker  — 7 years ago
Great prog
varun77sports  — 7 years ago
Guest  — 7 years ago
Best to use
Guest  — 7 years ago
because this video player has good features
Skyrunner  — 7 years ago
Plays everything
Guest  — 7 years ago
VAIBHAV  — 7 years ago
graphics n sound quality is good
TAZMAN  — 6 years ago
plays corupted files, missing files, takes snapshots of paused movie for jpeg stills..
Guest  — 7 years ago
Crash  — 7 years ago
The best player in the world
Guest  — 7 years ago
very good, full option
ARUNKUMAR  — 7 years ago
Best player......
Guest  — 7 years ago
It's really good.
Guest  — 7 years ago
sound is good
C0ntrab@nd  — 7 years ago
Why does it automatically convert some files...
Guest  — 7 years ago
it's nice
Emil Olandria  — 7 years ago
best program
rahul rajpoot  — 7 years ago
it's simple most wanted player
ZaWlady  — 7 years ago
The best video player
Guest  — 7 years ago
easy, quick and user friendly with a lot of features
Ben  — 7 years ago
free, and plays anything, if only it was a full on player with a libray like others
Guest  — 7 years ago
Best crossplatform player
Guest  — 7 years ago
Copes with most formats
saniismail  — 7 years ago
can play ogg file, good.
SyNtEr  — 7 years ago
Firenze  — 7 years ago
It is pretty cool.
kale  — 7 years ago
the best player around
Guest  — 7 years ago
NEVER failed me to open every file....
BF  — 7 years ago
Guest  — 7 years ago
best player in the world
Guest  — 7 years ago
quality with quickness
titas  — 7 years ago
good one
Guest  — 7 years ago
bcoz it plays that files also which can't be played in other media players
mohsin ali  — 7 years ago
compact supports variety of formats load quicker easy navigation keys
Guest  — 7 years ago
Player with BEST Variable Speed Up
Guest  — 7 years ago
Guest  — 7 years ago
a good video/audio-player
Guest  — 7 years ago
best best
baban  — 7 years ago
it is good
Guest  — 8 years ago
simply the best!
Guest  — 8 years ago
Native implementation of many codecs
Guest  — 8 years ago
it plays most of the codecs
Guest  — 8 years ago
can play any kinds of media!
James Tugangui  — 8 years ago
VLC media player will play any video format because it already has all codecs needed. It also plays corrupt video files such as unfinshed downloads.
Guest  — 8 years ago
voku  — 8 years ago
play every movie ... and have no trouble with Codec's :)
Greg  — 7 years ago
Guest  — 8 years ago
it is verrrrry gud
jbleck  — 8 years ago
fast, free, low resource, portable, support a lot of file types
Ardhendu Pal  — 8 years ago
Nice player
ajho  — 8 years ago
it's good
Guest  — 8 years ago
its the best
Jicky  — 8 years ago
very good
Guest  — 8 years ago
awesome proggy
Guest  — 8 years ago
very good / many formats
who?  — 8 years ago
take the snapshot
moustafa  — 8 years ago
shiella santos  — 8 years ago
TugaPowah  — 8 years ago
Totally the best player to watch your movies. It has all the codecs of the World.
isaac  — 8 years ago
it can fix broken video file problem. it can run almost any video
Guest  — 8 years ago
its playing all type of files
Guest  — 8 years ago
it is the best player
Guest  — 8 years ago
Excellent and very versatile
faisal  — 8 years ago
very good player almost playing all media files
saad  — 8 years ago
Good program
Guest  — 8 years ago
shashi awasthi  — 8 years ago
best feature and user friendly
it's easy and fast
Fast alle Codex an Board um Videos zu gucken au├čerdem Kompakt und schnell.
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