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VLC media player leaves all its competitors behind in the race for the best media player available. It has been released under the GNU General public license version2. All that can be said about this amazing player is like a drop in an ocean. With its long list of supported files, it can make you dependent on itself. It can nearly play all the available video and audio files. Its attraction lies in its simple user-friendly interface, which allows you to personalize your player. It offers you three seeking operations- small, medium and long (the duration can be selected by you) so that you can seek easily to any location in file. Its 'Always on top' option allows you to watch video while performing some work on your pc. You can also increase or decrease the video window size or crop the video in the window to any ratio you like. You can take snapshots of some particular scene and provide your own default names for the snapshots and folders for storage. All of the app's hotkeys can be changed, thus enabling you to customize your player. There is also no need of installing it again and again because once you extract files from the setup, they can be copy-pasted in other PC's, thus giving you a portable version. Also it can play broken videos and allow you to take a look on damaged videos. To add to that, the program has a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox and is compatible with the new Windows Vista. Besides, it can increase the volume up to 400% of the original volume, so you won’t even miss the ticking of a clock.
In short, all of the program's settings can be changed according to your own requirement; this gives you a personal connection with this player which you won’t feel with any other player. Some security threats present in the last versions have also been dealt with in 0.86d version.
So hail the hero who will save you from the trouble of looking for a suitable player for the different media files you encounter.

Deepak Singh
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  • Long list of supported files
  • Portability
  • User-friendly environment
  • Highly customizable
  • Can play broken files
  • Can increase the volume level up to 400% of original
  • Free


  • When the 'Video on top' is selected, then the window remains on top even if the video mode is changed to full screen
  • It keeps no history of the files played so if you accidently closed the player you will have to again open the file
  • No help section (although it’s not needed but still)
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