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VLC media player 0.8.6

VLC media player support multiple video formats without additional things
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VLC media player is very famous due the multiple video formats supported without the codec’s installation or additional programs. Their effectiveness and speed makes it number one among many players. It has the great ability to reproduce endure almost any desired configuration, thanks to its multiple options. It's simple, easy and fun to use, its portability supported formats, and multiple operating systems that support the software make it stand out from others.

It’s an open source software, is under a GNU license. The support ranges from Windows, Mac, Linux and its ramifications.

The software only have a few disadvantages that we can mention, it not support real files or formats (realplayer) and that the support of DVB (Satellite, Digital TV, Cable TV) is only for Linux.

It has options to configure appearance using themes or skins, allow the video reproduction and extras. As an example in the dvd file format and matroska files (.mkv/.mka) it allows us to select languages, subtitles, navigation menu and others.

The library and codecs for video playback are the best; we can consider the VLC as the AIO (all in one) of the video players.

The exceptional performance of the software always let us at the expectative of updates or new versions. The latest version available is the 0.8.6i.

If you think that you already have the best video player, in that case you already downloaded VLC if not …. What you are waiting for.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Freeware
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Provide an excellent quality of video
  • Multiple options for the configuration
  • Extremely portable, due the multiple video formats supported


  • The 0.80 is an old version
  • The support of DVB (Satellite, Digital TV, Cable TV) is only for Linux
  • Didn't support real format (realplayer files)
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