Play Blu-Ray with VLC Player

VLC media player is a feature-rich video and audio player that can do a bit more than the majority of similar utilities. From one of the previous releases VLC can handle palying Blu-Ray disks too, so you can enjoy your favorite films in perfect quality.

  • Download additional the KEYS DATABASE(KEYDB.cfg) and AACS DYNAMIC LIBRARY(libaacs.dll)
  • Open your user area
  • Enable view hidden files and folders
  • Open “AppData” directory
  • Create a folder named 'aacs'
  • Place the downloaded KEYDB.cfg file in it
  • Go to “c:\Program Files” [Or "c:\Program Files (x86)" if running 64bit]
  • Navigate to “VLC” directory, and move the libaacs.dll file into it
  • Play the Blu-Ray

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